Hater Mets Fans

What’s with all the hate?

I mean I get most of the gripes about the Wilpons. Their ponzi scheme problems have left them handcuffed. It’s at least partly their own fault. The Mets also were built for a big push under the previous regime and the Wilpons didn’t have the insight to look past the headlines they were getting towards the immense potential for a crash.

But damn, a lot of Mets fans hate the Mets.

Seriously, the popular thing these days seems to be dump on the Mets. There is no slack to be given it seems.

But that’s where the argument against the current front office starts, there’s already been too much slack.

Maybe it’s just cause I’m such a glass half full guy. I love the underdog, I love giving people the benefit of the doubt only to see them rise up again. I thought that’s what it was to be a Mets fan. We’re perennially the underdog; in our division, and in our own city and we’re always out to prove everyone else wrong. But this wave of haters who wear Mets colors makes me disappointed.

Maybe it’s product of John Gabriel’s GIF Theory (caution NSFW) , but I’ve seen reasonable discourse on some of the more Metscentric blogs, most of which are only found by fans with more than a casual interest.

Listen guys, we’re the lovable losers. We should always be trying to see the brighter side of things, or at least acknowledge that brighter sides exist. I mean geez.


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