The Bourn Discrepancy

So why so Jim Bowden and Adam Rubin have two different stances on what the MLB league office would do about the Mets’ unprotected first round draft choice?
It’s because they’re talking about two different things.
Bowden is saying that the league and the MLBPA and the Mets will come to an agreement to allow a star to play in New York. What that mean a is that, when all said and done, the league will eventually let the Mets slide on this provision.
Rubin is only hearing about the first half if the conversation. When the Mets as a team first approach the MLB, the league is going to say no. They did mean to say the first 10 draft picks, not the worst 10 teams’ draft picks.
Both are likely few reporting the truth. One is just getting the answer the Mets would initially get, and the other is getting the answer the Mets will eventually get.
The real question is how far Sandy Alderson is willing to go. If he’s truely all-in, he’ll sign Bourn even losing the first pick. The likeliest scenario that plays out in my head is that Bourn gets an undervalued multiple-year deal, but opts out after the first year. In that case the Mets would likely only postpone their first round pick for a year.
If Sandy does go all-in, but in terms of perusing both Bourne and the first round pick, he’ll enlist the aid of the MLBPA to help badger the league. It’s likely in the league’s best interest to allow this to slide; a great player goes to a big market team in need of stars, and the rule isn’t changed much at all as this instance shouldn’t happen all too often.
However, the other scenario is the one I previously posed, that this was all a ruse to get press and show fans that the Mets are “trying” all while drumming up interest in a Scott Boras client so he’ll throw us a bone sometime in the future. In that case Sandy will get his initial “no” from the league and say “we thought it would go differently, but the league has spoken. Sorry we get get Bourn.”
Here’s to hoping that’s not the case.


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