POS 2013 Mets Catcher and DH

Wait, what? DH? But the Mets are a National League team you say? Well with inter-league play spread out as it is, the rules have changed a little. Gone are the days the a team could call up a hot hitting prospect for June and July. Now you need to make sure there’s a starting quality player on your bench at all times. The Mets are the first NL team in need of a DH, needing one on April 12. They’ll need a DH three more times. Rather than bounce a player or a collection of players up and down it would make more sense to have a starting quality batter ready.

But anyway…

Catcher, John Buck – Nope not Travis d’Arnaud. He doesn’t count until he’s up. If he lives up to expectations, catcher will be a position of strength. Until then it’s a piece of s***. Don’t get me wrong, Buck will be better than Thole. But basically he just hits more home runs. He doesn’t get on base more and he doesn’t hit for a better average. Buck should do as well if not a little better than Thole in handling a rotation. But really he’s a back-up masquerading as a starter. Anthony Recker and Landon Powell may end up being legitimate major leaguers, but they’re not starters. Buck, Recker and Powell are all expendible when d’Awesome comes up, though I hope Buck stays as he’ll have more experience with the staff and can provide a veteran presence.

Designated Hitter, Jordany Valdespin. Here’s where it gets fun. Originally I had Valdespin starting at AAA, so he could mature a bit more. But between my further review of the DH situation and the presence he’s had in spring training I’ve decided to give him the honor of first starter off the bench. That’s basically what a DH is anyway. If you’re not David Ortiz or Edgar Martinez, whose job is to hit, you’re a guy without a position. I think Spin’s best contribution will not be as an everyday starter at a single position, but as an almost everyday starter at several positions, including regularly at DH. Really, no one else on the roster has the same offensive upside without having a position to play.


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