POS Mets 2013 Bullpen

It’s a work in progress, but it’s possible it won’t be the piece of sh** it was last season. Dare I say, it may even be a position of strength by year’s end.

Closer, Bobby Parnell –  Here’s my biggest question. As a probable non-contender, we don’t need a closer. It’s nice, but not necessary. That being said, Parnell has never been good in this role. You know how good Tyler Clippard is? Yeah and he only works the seventh or eighth inning. Why can’t Parnell do that for us? I hope he finally exercises his demons and owns the ninth. But if not Brandon Lyon is the guy I’d go with

Set Up Men, Brandon Lyon, Frank Francisco – Two former (or potentially current) closers. I think either should be able to get outs in the seventh and eighth innings. It’ll be interesting to see how Francisco rebound from a career bad year last year, because it he’s injured or ineffective, look for Josh Edgin here.

Middle Relief, Josh Edgin, Scott Atchison, Greg Burke, Latroy Hawkins – These are guys who will be called on to pitch the sixth or seventh inning in a normal game. One where the Mets are up or down a couple of runs and looking to hold/regain a lead.

LOOGY, Pedro Feliciano – Roughly translated from “Left handed out guy,” this is the guy who comes in and gets one or two lefties out because, presumably, that spilt is more profound than a righty vs righty split. A righty V. righty guy wouldn’t sound as good as a ROOGY (I’ll call him a ROUT and on this team that job would go to Burke). Anyway, Pedro probably deserves this role after being asked to get anyone who came to the plate between the sixth and ninth inning his last stint with the Mets. The Mets may even have the luxury of having a second LOOGY in the form of Aaron Laffey or Robert Carson. Laffey could even do this job while also staying limber for a spot starting job, which leads us too…

Spot Starter/Long Reliever, Aaron Laffey, Jeremy Hefner – Frankly if Laffey is already here, I’d rather see Hefner just go down to AAA and be ready to come up for a series of spot starts when one of our pitchers get hurt (news flash- every rotation has an injury or two over the course of a season). Laffey, as I said before, can still do LOOGY duties and probably still spot start the next day if need be.

There’s a handful of other guys who just haven’t been impressive this season, a few pitched last season for the Mets, but really that might not be something I’d have on my resume. Collin McHugh could have a shot at long man, Scott Rice might get that extra LOOGY job, and Tim Byrdak may get a shot at LOOGY when he’s finally healthy halfway through the year. Jeurys Familla and Jennry Mejia should both start in AAA if you ask my opinion.


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