POS 2013 Mets Infield

So here’s another Position Of Strength article. It may be the last one. We’ll have to judge as we go. When this year’s off-season came around we knew we’d at least have the infield covered.

We could be ok with what we’ve got if we’re building a contender. Sure it would be nice to have Pujols at first and Tulowitski at Short and Pedroia at second, but the guys we have can get the job done. At least we hope.

1B, Ike Davis – Here’s the jist on Davis. He’s never been healthy. Really go look. Last year he played a full season, but the first half was marred by fatigue caused by Valley Fever. His second half is what we can expect in the first half this year, and then we can expect a  tapering off in the second half (as most players do). Except it won’t be as drastic as last season’s first half. All in all a guy who hits 30+ home runs is really hard to find these days. 22 players in all of baseball hit 30+ homeruns.

2B, Daniel Murphy – Talking about people who have never been healthy. Last year was the first year Murphy logged enough games to be the starter. Already this year, Murph has some injury concerns. However, when healthy, he should be a fine contributor at a position where only a few players truly excel offensively.

SS, Ruben TejadaJose Reyes who? That was the thought for most of the first half. What we thought would have been a huge hole, instead turned out to have solid production. His numbers tapered off in the second half, but so did every other Met’s. This year, Reuben’s second year as a starter, we’ll get to see what he’s really made of. But since this isn’t a position you expect a mess of offense out of, Reuben is fine.

3B, David Wright – Here’s our best player. He’s one of the best third basemen in the game. This is the one place where we feel really comfortable, as long as Wright continues to hit in Citi’s more comfortable confines.

There’s also some intriguing bench depth here, especially Wilmer Flores. I still think Flores is too far away, but he’s shone a good bat and solid enough defensive skills at second where he might be able to steal the position. Justin Turner and Zach Lutz provide stability at 1st and 3rd. Middle infield is a little shakier, but I’ll cover that when I do a POS on the bench.


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