POS 2013 Mets Bench

Here’s the final POS and it’s not super likely to be a Position of Strength. But maybe the fact that ALL of our outfielders are bench players means we have the best bench in the game. Yeah, maybe I could spin that…

Anyways the best way to go about this is break it down by position. I already named Jordany Valdespin to the bench in the POS Catcher/DH article so we’re strictly talking backups here.

Corner Infield, Justin Turner, Zach Lutz – Turner will be first off the bench, especially if he learns to play the outfield. Lutz has power (or so everyone keeps telling me) so a little extra power on the bench can help.

Middle Infield, Brian Bixler Brandon Hicks – So Alderson grabbed Hicks for a prospect. But if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s the only other person besides Ruben Tejada who can play short stop, I’d be taking Bixler here. Otherwise, there’s a not a lot of good major league ready options. Which is why having Valdespin on the roster is more important. Spin plays both middle infield positions and outfield.

Catcher, Anthony Recker, Landon Powell – Recker will likely be the only backup, but I won’t knock Powell out yet. Of course when Travis d’Awesome comes up from the minors John Buck then becomes the backup.

Outfield, Pick 2 – Really any two that don’t make the squad could be back ups. Right now it looks like Mike Baxter will be a defensive replacement. The rest… We’ll see.


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