Outfield Power Rankings 3-12

Every weekday I’ll post an updated power ranking for the Mets outfield. The theory is that the top three would be starters (or share a platoon) and the next two would likely make the roster. An additional five candidates round out the list. (And yes there were 10 players who might have had a shot of playing in the outfield)

1. Collin Cowgill (1) – Nothings changed here. Still showing the best this postseason.

2. Jordany Valdespin (2) – I really don’t think he’ll end up as more than a platoon player even if he continues his impressive spring.

3. Marlon Byrd (3)- The Byrd-man is playing for a starting spot, not just a platoon or bench spot.

4. Lucas Duda (4)- Based on ability and past results, Duda will get at least a platoon position to start the season.

5. Mike Baxter (5)- Despite a terrible spring so far, the Mets (and their pr department) aren’t ready to send away the home town hero with the solid glove.

6. Matt Den Dekker (7) – That is of course as long as the even more solid glove of den Dekker doesn’t jump ahead. I for one want to give MDD some time in AA so he can adjust. He’s shown that he starts slow offensively in every level, so I want to make sure he gets his feet under him in AAA first before throwing him in the fire.

7. Kirk Nieuwenhuis (6) – Get well soon Kirk, cause that’s the only way you’re not getting sent down.

8. Jamie Hoffmann (8) – He made the first cut, which was more than I thought would happen. He’s just added depth for split squad games at this point.

9. Justin Turner (10) – Turner has only seen one game in the outfield so far.  But he’ll be on the roster for sure so that’s more than half these guys.

10. Zach Lutz (-) – No sooner did I say “where is Zach Lutz in the outfield.” They drop him in there. I didn’t see him play, but it appears he’s played in three spring training games so far. For Lutz, adding the outfield to his repertoire is basically the only way he might make the roster.

Out: Goodbye Cesar Puello and Juan Lagares, back to the minors with you. It simply wasn’t going to last. Unless someone really good gets cut from a roster in spring traing, there should be no new additions to this list. Hoffman is the only guy I expect to get moved to minor league camp before the final cut down.


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