Oh My Gosh, It’s Boesch!

Time to get excited Mets fans! There’s a player who has some upside and some major league success potentially available! Rejoice, Your Savior Brennan Boesch could be right around the corner.

All kidding aside, Boesch was a trade target in my mind for the Mets back before arbitration. I figured he could be had for a small fee, potentially either for a low level prospect or even (Gasp!) cash considerations (possibly send the cash we got from Detroit for sending them our Rule 5 draft choice).

Compared to what was available in the outfield this off-season and the budget we were likely to be on, Boesch seemed like a good idea. Fill the outfield with guys with potential.

Well the day of Boesch’s arbitration came and went and Detroit felt they’d give him the shot to bounce back. It didn’t happen and now he’s being cut. The Tigers have a short window to trade him before they outright release him.

So if he seemed like a good idea before, why not now? Well that’s because we already filled the outfield with potential. A few have popped up looking like legitimate candidates and adding one more name to the mix would be too much. Seriously, we had 10 guys who had at least an outside shot of making the team.

I’ve heard multiple reports that the Mets are looking into Boesch, but none make it sound like the Mets are jumping at the opportunity. This sound perfectly right, and just in line with Sandy Alderson’s business plan, “Never Overpay.” Alderson will take a shot at Boesch if he doesn’t have to trade him anyone of consequence (a player to be named later would probably do it) or if he gets passed over by teams willing to spend a little more. A team like the Yankees might be willing to take a flyer on him, especially as they’re only looking for a short term fix. If Boesch is ho-hum they either move on to the next guy, or just hold out until Curtis Granderson gets back.

The move makes sense for Detroit. They signed Torii Hunter to anchor their outfield with Austin Jackson, and they still have Andy Dirks, Quintin Berry and Post-season standout Avisail Garcia to fill out the outfield. No need for Boesch and his question marks.

Would I still like to get Boesch? Well, there’s enough spring training left to get him into the organization and give him a chance to use a change of scenery to catch back up. I like the kid, but he is 27 and not quite so much a kid anymore. However, outside of Marlon Byrd, he’s got more major league experience than anyone else on our roster. That’s a blessing and a curse. He’s had success, but over a longer period of work, it seems he hasn’t done quite as well as you’d hope.

At this point, it’s not worth outbidding someone for his services. If he falls to us, take him by all means. Otherwise, lets just sort out the pile of coal we already have in case there’s any diamonds there.



  1. MattTurnerNY

    I get what you’re saying, but I feel a little different. Boesch isn’t a bad option, but he’s a slightly worse career hitter than Byrd, with a lower OBP. While he has the ability to fit Alderson’s model of low-risk, high-reward players, Byrd is still probably cheaper and the potential of Boesch isn’t quite worth it. Additionally, Boesch would seemingly fit in with the rest of the misfits in the Mets outfield already (not really a good thing). While he’s not a bad player, his worst attribute is that he’s a lefty and the Mets outfield is already filled with them.

    • Jesse D

      I really should have mentioned that he was a lefty. I had it in my notes somewhere. The mostly lefty lineup of the Mets really showed some holes last year. We have enough guys who can hit right handed pitching. We don’t need another left-handed hitting outfielder of questionable value, unless of course he’d be an unquestioned value. In order to bring him on at the same footing as the rest of the guys in camp, Alderson would have to give him a minor league deal with some incentives. My guess is Boesch finds a better deal elsewhere.

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