Mets Outfield Power Ranking 3-19

Every weekday I’ll post an updated power ranking for the Mets outfield. The theory is that the top three would be starters (or share a platoon) and the next two would likely make the roster. An additional five candidates round out the list. (And yes there were 10 players who might have had a shot of playing in the outfield)

1. Collin Cowgill (1) – He’s pretty much locked in right now. He’ll get the chance to be the everyday starter, but he’ll have a very short leash.

2.Marlon Byrd (2)- I think Terry Collins likes the veteran presence and track record here.

3. Jordany Valdespin (3) – So, here’s the thing. Daniel Murphy isn’t back yet, I’m starting to think he may need some time on the DL. In that world Spin is the starting second baseman.

4. Lucas Duda (4)- Duda’s done enough to earn a job. It may not have been enough on another team, but here, it’s a performance worthy of starting.

5. Mike Baxter (5)- If only there was a better option. If den Dekker had no upside, I’d carry him over Baxter, because MDD will give me Gold Glove defense. Otherwise, neither can hit right now.

6. Matt Den Dekker (6) – He’s going to AAA to get his swing down. If he figures out AAA pitching, he’ll be on the next plane to New York (or wherever the Mets are playing at the time)

7. Jamie Hoffmann (7) – Soon he’ll be cut. He’s come around enough to get a spot at AAA at least as long as Nieuwenhuis is on the DL.

8. Kirk Nieuwenhuis (8) – Ugh. At this point he probably should be lower, but I just don’t have the heart to do that to him.

9.  Andrew Brown (9) – Brown will be assigned to AAA eventually. He’s earned a job somewhere with the Mets, even if it is fourth AAA outfielder.

10. Justin Turner (10) – I think he and Lutz are about done with their outfield experimentation.

Out:  Zach Lutz, Lutz will be on the roster as a first/third baseman. He’ll play outfield in a pinch, or an extra innings game where there’s no other option. Cut: Cesar Puello and Juan Lagares

No changes today. The bottom few true outfielders have been edging close to the middle of the pack, but no one’s proved they can be better than Baxter was last year.


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