Hooray for Offense

And Matt Harvey too.

Mets fans, allow yourselves a chance to really enjoy the big time offense from our Mets. It may not get any better than this. Hopefully it will stay this good until the end of the year. But that would mean the Mets would win 162 games, they’d score 1500 runs and David Wright would have 162 stolen bases.

Still, over the first few games, everything we’ve wanted to see has happened. Our starting pitchers have pitched well. The big boppers we expected have bopped one, and the questionable outfield have come up with big hits. The bullpen has labored, but otherwise gotten the job done.

However, what I thought would be our biggest strength may now be a weakness. Missing Johan Santana for the entire season and Shaun Marcum for who knows how long means we likely won’t be a World Series champion, much less sneak into the playoffs. I’d like to be pleasantly surprised by Jeremy Herner and Aaron Laffey, but I doubt I will be. Neither have the potential that Marcum or Santana had. If we make it through a turn in the rotation and the four and five guys looks like they can at least keep games close, then maybe we have a shot. But I’m not banking on it. 


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