Mets Best of the Best: 8-14

By Jesse Disbrow

This is a new feature we’re starting here, the first of a few new features for this website. Over the next week, we’ll roll out a few different weekly features as well as the standard general reaction and special feature content.

Best Use of Murphy’s Law: And no this doesn’t mean “any ball that can be hit to second base will be,” it means “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” In this case I refer to the Wilmer Flores injury. Just when I think we’re getting an exciting new player into our everyday line-up, he gets broke. I’d like to see a lot more of Josh Satin while Flores is resting, even if that’s only a few days.

Best Pitcher: Jenrry Mejia. Listen Matt Harvey is great, but that’s no surprise. Mejia’s sudden set of great outings is a little more surprising. We’ve already forgotten about Jeremy Hefner. Who’s that? We’ve got new shininess.

Best Hitter: It might have been Flores and it might still be despite the injury. The other options are John Buck and Ike Davis. The fact that they’re options for best hitters should make Mets fans happy. Now if either could add a few more home runs to their totals…

Best Western: If the Mets can leave this road trip having gone 5-4, it would be solid. It didn’t think we’d take more than one against the Dodgers, but we played well against them. It took some heroics for the Diamondbacks not to get swept, and we’re at least even money against San Diego. Here’s to the start of a four-game road win streak.


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