Updated Predictions

By Jesse Disbrow

Back at the beginning of the year I predicted who would win what and why (or at least why it didn’t matter.) It’s well past time for me to look back and brag about how smart I was or explain away my poor choices as you can’t predict baseball.

Updates are in italics

Based on Current Records: 

The Houston Astros beat the Arizona Diamondback (alphabetically first in the NL) in the World Series

As the Astros were 1-0 and everyone else were either 0-0 or 0-1, this made sense. The Astros have not had an undefeated season so far, so the team with the best record overall and in the National League will beat the team with the best record in the American League- Braves (71-46) over Boston (71-49)

Happy Mets Fan Prediction:

The New York Mets beat the New York Yankees in the World Series.

Ha. It’s still mathematically possible though.

Optimistic Mets Fan Prediction:

The Mets earn the final wild card spot and either lose the one game playoff or drop the first round match.

Before games started today, the Mets were 10 games back of the final playoff spot. That’s a serious charge. Like Miracle Mets-type charge. But it can be done.

My best guesses at throwing darts at the possible placing of the teams that are currently in the MLB:

AL East:

Champs: New York Yankees (It’s looking less and less likely as the Yanks fade, but it didn’t look bad for the first half)

1st Wild Card: Toronto Blue Jays (This was really wrong.)

Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays (three-way tie for last, or in the order I just typed) (More like three-way tie for first.)

AL Central:

Champs: Detroit Tigers (Winner! Boy I’m smart!)

Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Royals, Minnesota Twins (likely in that order) (Remove the Sox and put them at the end of the line and I’m spot on as of today)

AL West:

Champs: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Somewhere in Southern California (It appears they couldn’t even find themselves in California)

2nd Wild Card: Texas Rangers (Champs of the division is close enough)

Oakland Athletics, Seattle Mariners, Houston Astros (but the Astros don’t lose 100 games and are close to passing the Mariners by season’s end.) (Also the Rangers and Angels may flip flop their spots) (Okay, so the ‘stros are closer to passing the Angels than the Mariners, but at least they’d need to do worse than 25-20  to avoid losing 100 games… Maybe I should start cheering them to a 4-41 stretch and on to the all time loss record, removing the Mets from that dubious honor.) 

AL Post Season:

Jays defeat Rangers in Wild Card game (or Angel beat Jays or something)

Angels beat Jays in first round (or Rangers beat Jays in 5 game series)

Yankees beat Tigers (for realz)

Angels beat Yankees (pwned!) (I was just being silly here, so I get to take it all back right?)

Here’s the updated playoff race.

Oakland beats Cleveland in WIld Card game (No AL East Wild Card Teams!!!!)

Red Sox beat Oakland in first round

Detroit beats Texas

Detroit beats Red Sox in ALCS

Scroll to the bottom (but read the other stuff first) for World Series predictions.

NL East:

Champs: Washington Nationals (Nope.)

1st Wild card: Atlanta Braves (Again, almost there)

New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies, Miami Marlins (I know, right? I predict more Phillie pieces break than Mets pieces and the Mets have more interesting replacement pieces) (This is the one I’m most proud of. If it stays like this I’d consider this season a win.)

NL Central:

Champs: Cincinnati Reds (In the playoffs as of today so close enough)

2nd Wild Card: St. Louis Cardinals (Also in the playoffs as a wild card)

Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Pirates (Sorry Pittsburgh, no Astros to inflate your record) (Sorry Pittsburgh, I doubted you had the drive to finish as a playoff team. My humblest apologies)

NL West:

Champs: San Francisco Giants (Well, until  the Dodgers became a supernova, this looked good)

Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles, Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies, San Diego Padres (or Padres then Rox) (Plug the Giants in the middle here and I’m spot on.)

Looking back, I never actually did National League playoff predictions. So I guess I’m not technically wrong. Anyways here’s my shot using updated predictions.

Wild Card round: St. Louis vs Cincinnati- Cards win

First Round: Atlanta vs St. Louis- Cards win

Pittsburgh vs Los Angeles- Dodgers Win

NLCS: Dodgers beat Cards

World Series: Detroit, who finally doesn’t come into the series with a 10-day layover, beats the Dodgers 4-2. 


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