POS Mets Starting Rotation

Hello folks. J. Lalli here to talk about the Mets starting rotation. Now first and foremost is the rotation Position of Strength or a Piece of S**t? Well the way it looks, it is defiantly a strength. Here’s why. The rotation is deep right now. Now granted we don’t have the “big names” like we all want but lets go over this.

First lets just start with who we have right now. There’s Dillon Gee, Matt Harvey, Jenrry Mejia, Jon Niese, Zack Wheeler, Jeremy Hefner and I’ll even throw this one out there Johan Santana. I’ll explain him later. So, working with what we actually have on the roster, I think we all know who should be the ace of the club.

1) Matt Harvey – He’s going to be around for along time, and to be honest I see him as the next David Wright as in he is a gamer who will not quit on you. He gives you quality starts and can go deep into the game which saves the bullpen. Plus he’s young so he will give you a lot of years.

2) Zack Wheeler – The second of the one two punch. The one thing I will say about Zack is I think he was brought up just a touch early. Granted they are using his wisely and mainly because at the time they brought him up it was kind of necessary. I would have like to see him come up around this time of year because you never stop learning in the minors. Either way as a number two for next year, he’s a perfect fit.

3) Jon Niese – Now I know what you’re thinking here, he was the opening day starter in 2013 and you have him at number three! Well, that’s the thing, as good as Jon is the three hole is still a good fit. look at it this way, first you have Matt who is the future of pitching for the team, Wheeler because he is also the next face of the franchise. Jon who is still an ace can go deep into games, however, Jon has a slight problem which I hope he can and will fix. That’s when if he gives up a hit or home run he loses focus and starts throwing grapefruits.

4) Dillon Gee – Dillon has always been a short range pitcher, meaning you can always get at least six innings out him about 77% of the time. Gee has also been a .500 pitcher too so he’s going to be hit or miss. He needs some work to get over that hump of just being another pitcher on the mound.

5) Jenrry Mejia – After coming back from the DL Jenrry has put up some good numbers. Give him a little more time and he will be back in his groove 100%. Now I put him at five because Jenrry is a strong pitcher and knows how to last in his outing. He will also be a perfect set-up for Matt’s next start.

6) Jeremy Hefner – Here’s where I throw convention out the window. Jeremy has delivered very well during his time in the big leagues. He will and has been a great starter. This is where I say the Mets should stick with a six man rotation. Just because everyone else uses an five guy set doesn’t we should follow suit. We have six starters, that means our pitchers are fresher during end of the season. And if anyone does happen to go down, rotation is still in tacked.

Now for that wild pitch I mentioned before, Mr. Met No-Hitter him self Johan Santana. Here’s what I am thinking, yes I know that it’s a long shot for him to get re-signed but if we do, do it for a one or two year deal and please oh please do not over pay him. So we have him back in the rotation and now we have three “Opening Day” starters that can and will go deep into the game. If Johan doesn’t work out at least we can trade him for something and won’t have to give up a lot of money because we are still paying him off. Bobby Bonilla anyone. We’re still paying him until the year 2035! Argh! Different story for a different day.


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