General Reaction – Phillies

So as much as I’m a Mets fan as the next guy I am a little shocked about what has happened the other day with the Phillies. Charlie Manuel was fired. Now I know they are not doing well this season, but after finishing first from 2007-2011, and having a .500 season in 2012, doesn’t call for a firing of that caliber for a guy who has done well with the club. Now I, as maybe some of you other Mets fans out there, say that there was no 2009 World Series (because who wants to root for the Yankees or Phillies to win) the Phillies did win that year. That’s the first time I have recognized that win. Anyway, firing Charlie the way the Phillies did just after his 1,000 win just seems cruel. It’s this late in the season and now you think it’s time for a change. To be honest Charlie knows what he is doing in the dugout. If I were in need of a manager, he would be top three on my list to hire.

Either way, I think we should expect this from “the city of brotherly love”. And me being a fan of the Mets, NY Giants, NY Rangers, and the Nets, I hear the “love” the fans give to their players when one little thing goes wrong. So come on Philly show a little more class then that next time. Charlie deserved to go out his own terms and at should have finished the season.

Charlie, I wish you well with what do next.


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