Mets Power Rankings- Worst Injuries of 2013

Each week we’ll have two power rankings, one on a specific topic (Top 10 Mets for 2013) and another that will be a different topic each week.

This week I’ll rank the most important injuries for the New York Mets so far in 2013.

1. Johan Santana never throws a pitch. If the Mets were going to make a serious push at the playoffs they were going to have to win with pitching. Santana was going to be a solid 2-3 guy and hopefully second ace behind the emerging Matt Harvey. Instead he was never really healthy and strung along hope of a solid rotation from day one. Another Spring Training injury made a mess of the Mets 4-5 spot in the rotation, but I’ll get to that later.
2. David Wright out for remainder of season- I mean he could still be back, but at this point it’s not worth rushing. At the time the Mets’ offensive all star went down, Marlon Byrd was the only other offensive weapon, and that’s not the best situation. However, this has allowed Wilmer Flores a chance to show he can play in the big leagues, which makes this injury important in both bad and good categories. Flores almost landed on this list, but thankfully is back to work.
3. Jon Niese fight through injury then submits. This is important since he’s essentially the only lefty starter the Mets have. The rotation was thin before, but luckily the Mets have found enough arms to work.
4. Shaun Marcum breaks twice. The signing of Shaun Marcum was a great idea, but it just didn’t work out. He had some injury issues previously and they all reared back up. Marcum couldn’t make starts with a preseason injury, then he became injured and subsequently released after underperforming. Had he been the guy he should have been, he’d be a number three quality starter in the fourth or fifth spot.
5. Travis D’Arnaud breaks his foot. The good part was that is wasn’t the injury that kept him out of the 2012, bad news was it forced him to miss most of 2013. A big chunk of that time he was out after the Super 2 deadline, John Buck was pretty bad.
6. Justin Turner‘s mid season injury. Bad news, he’s the backup shortstop. Good news, he’s been overused as a pinch hitter and clogging up space for guys we should test out a la Josh Satin.
7. Reuben Tejada’s “injury.” Tejada was placed on the DL during the Yankees series, but he had looked like something was wrong long before that. It wasn’t a physical injury from what we could see, but had regressed so terribly, Omar Quintanilla was actually an upgrade.
8.Josh Edgin injury. Fans and front office personnel were very interested in how Edgin would fare this season, he’s a guy who could be more than a lefty specialist. However, he’s been used mostly as a LOOGY and otherwise has been injured. In the meantime, Terry Collins has asked to have suboptimal lefties on the roster. Until Pedro Feliciano came up.
9. Pedro Feliciano takes a while to get back. We knew he’d be injured, but we’d hoped he’d be ready shortly after Opening Day. Unfortunately, he wasn’t ready until August, in the mean time, suboptimal lefties.
10. Jenrry Mejia has bone chips. So far that doesn’t mean he’ll miss any starts, but the trainers will be tender in how they use him. Could mean we’re running half a fifth starter.Update- Mejia will go to the DL. This would have bumped this up one or two spots had it occurred prior to the start of games today.
Honorable mention- Bobby Parnell‘s injury. I went into this season thinking that a closer wasn’t important, and nothing the Mets have done this season has changed my view on that. It was nice to see that Parnell could not only persist, but thrive in the role, but it only helps the Mets win a little but more. There really are no important games in need of closing from here on out, and the interim closer doesn’t give is a chance to check out an unproven arm.


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