Power Rankings – Top players for 2014

Alright guys its time to do a top ten. This week we look into a crystal ball and see who is going help us get to October. Lets start with number 10.

10) Travis d’Arnaud – Yup the fresh meat rookie is going to be big influence to the Mets lineup. Now granted we have only seen one game from him so far, but he is going to catcher of the future. So if he puts up the numbers everyone expects him to produce, then “backstop” will secure for many years to come. That’s why Travis is on this list.

9) Daniel Murphy – He comes in at 9 mainly because he has shown he can produce great numbers and just be an all around contact hitter. Having Daniel at the top of the lineup makes for a solid at-bat. Plus his fielding at second just fine. Also who else would be playing second? There’s not many names out there that are available.

8 & 7) Juan Lagares & Eric Young Jr. – The reason why I have these two guys together is because of their lead off ability. Now granted, Eric needs to pick up his hitting just a bit, but once he does, he is a speed threat like Juan. Also their ability to cover the ground in the outfield is what you need all the time.

6) Ike Davis – Ike would be higher in these rankings if was able to produce quality at-bats before he was sent down to the minors. However, since he has come back there was a difference in his demeanor. Although it didn’t show right away, it now aperient that he has his confidence back. It won’t be long till he gets his home run swing back. Lets just hope he doesn’t lose focus during the off season again.

5) Marlon Byrd – That is if he is around for next season. Who knows. Either way Marlon is a key bat in the line up. Until Ike shows his power again Marlon is our power guy. With him in the middle of the card makes the line up a threat.

4) David Wright – The captain (I’m sorry but to me but I think term Captain is more of a hockey word then anything, but I digress) is right where he needs to be. Can he better? Yes. But in his role he is doing quite well of being the guy who can and will keep the locker room together. His numbers getting better as he is getting comfortable, finally, in Citi Field.

3) Zack Wheeler – Yeah I know, finally a pitcher on the list. Well guess what there is a reason why I waited this long. Its because the pitching for 2014 is going to be the power of the team once everyone is healthy. And since he is going to be the number 2 starter (or three because they don’t want Matt and Zack back to back which wouldn’t be a bad idea) is going to be part of the backbone of the rotation. He will have more quality starts even at the end of this year to hurdle himself into next season.

2) The Bullpen – Why the whole bullpen and not just one guy you ask. Its because I would say about 37% of the games we have lost was now because of the bullpen blowing the lead (although tonight against the Padres is exactly what happened) but most of our loses have been lack of run support. Once we figure out who is who and what we need for the long term except strong relief for time to come.

1) Matt Harvey – The heart of the rotation. He is a strong pitcher right now and is deep inning guy. And as this point of the season he is the power of the roster. To be honest there is nothing more to say about Matt, he’s stays healthy and gets run support we have a 13 game winning pitchers at least.

If you have a different opinion about rankings or I missed somebody, let me know in the comments.


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