Mets Best of the Best- 8/22

Welcome to another edition of the Best of the Best.

Best News This Week- Travis d’Arnaud will stay in the majors. d’Awesome was called up to keep depth at catcher when John Buck went on paternity leave, but instead of ship him back down for a few weeks, the Mets decided to leave the catcher of the future on the roster. d’Arnaud would have been one of the Mets farmhands brought up for the September 1 roster expansion, so what’s a few additional weeks. He’s past this year’s super two so he won’t cost the Mets extra.

Best Intentions, Bad Idea- David Wright wants to come back in September. I get it, and I’d love to see the captain back in uniform, but he’s got a hamstring issue. The Mets’ training staff has had a long and storied history of botching recovery from this particular issue. Wright would probably be best just to sit out the rest of the year and not chance it.

Best Eastern League Team- The B-Mets clinch the division title. The Double A Binghamton Mets won their division last night, showing that the future is bright for the Mets. In fact, just about all the Mets’ farm teams are in the playoff hunt this year. That’s a good thing in most cases, especially in the lower levels. At Triple A, a winning team would signify good organizational strength, but not necessarily future strength, as the roster could be full of former major leaguers and players who don’t fit on a major league roster.


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