POS Mets – Catchers

Hey guys, I know this post is a day late and a dollar short but I had a little technical issue so here comes what you have been waiting for, The New York Mets Positions of Strength or Piece of S#!* list. This week, as you can tell from the heading, I have the human back-stops of the game, the catchers. Let’s dive in shall we.

We have three guys to speak of; Travis d’Arnaud, Anthony Recker, and John Buck. Now compared to the 2012 catchers these guys are a strength. However, where do they fit now and where they will be next year. Let’s start with the opening day guy Mr. Buck

1) John Buck – John Buck was never going to be “the long-term answer” to the Mets but he is defiantly a great addition. The reason Buck started was because d’Arnaud was injured. John showed up big time by knocking more home-runs then all of the Mets catchers in 2012 combined. Although that wasn’t much of a task, Bucks overall performance this season has surpassed expectations. Only to be a place holder and a back up to Travis once he was finally healthy has become to prove he can still be a starter. Which brings us to Travis and to finish up on John in a bit.

2) Travis d’Arnaud – The future of Mets catching has shown when healthy, and when given the ability to play, will be a great asset to the core of the line-up. Even though he has only six games under his belt in the majors and his stats are not what they could be, doesn’t mean he won’t be later on. Travis and Matt Harvey played many games together in the minors that the two communicate very well on the field. So once Travis settles down into his role, expect great things to come.

Which now leads us to the last man of the bunch,

3) Anthony Recker – Anthony has proven to be a great back up. For the amount of games he has played, he has just as good numbers as Buck. Anthony has not proven that has can be a starter yet but his playing ability shows that is growing as player. Unfortunately, this is where things get complicated. Anthony gives great depth into the catcher position because of his numbers. So that brings us to next year.

Travis is supposed to be starter with Anthony as the back up. But with Buck putting the numbers up as he did this season, do we keep Buck as a back up and big bat off the bench for Travis, or make Buck the starter and have Travis as the back up. And will Recker develop better back down in the minors if we keep Buck or will he be the back up to Travis.

All in all, the catchers are a strength position because of the depth the Mets have without having a “big name”. The main question is who is going where.


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