Week In Review

Ok it’s time for a new segment, the week in review. Every week I will wrapping up how the Mets have done and also give some thoughts and opinions of what went on.

First lets start with the games. I a nut shell, we bombed. Only taking two out of seven games this week and not even making a dent in showing some signs of life again. I mean yes we did just face the Braves and the Tigers, two of the best teams in the league right now but it looks like we didn’t even try to attempt to win. Especially with the Tigers. We let them score in the first inning (to my knowledge) two out of the three games. We were working out of a hole before we even had a chance to hit.

Still I have to say, even though I knew we were not going to be a playoff team this year, we are still doing better then I expected. However, the season is still not over.

Let’s also go back a few posts ago when I did my Power Rankings. I put the whole bullpen at number 2 because they were actually holding runs off the board for awhile. I now retract that ranking and take them off the list completely. This is an issue we STILL need to address in the off season.

While we are the subject of pitching, I regretfully have to mention Matt Harvey. Matt is going the way of the Johan Santana. By the looks he’s going to need Tommy Johns surgery and will miss the 2014 season. Which also brings me back to a post I have made before, bring back Santana. Here’s the reason why now. Zack Wheeler is now going to be the new ace for 2014, bring in a veteran who knows what’s going on and help the guy along in the rotation. This way when Matt comes back, you have three aces and see what happens in 2015.


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