POS Mets Corner Infield

So, sorry about missing a few days there. Not only was I on vacation, but I was also sick. But that means besides evaluating whether the Mets’ corner infielders are strong or sh** will have some bonus Best of the Best coverage.

So are the corner spots positions of strength or pieces of sh**? The answer is a little complicated.
Here’s the easy part. The Mets’ best everyday player is at third base in David Wright. He’s injured now and will be another year old, but over the past two seasons Wright has put up MVP quality seasons when he wasn’t injured. I think across a full season we can expect all star quality .
It’s first base that’s pretty muddy. First off, Ike Davis. Davis had a horrible first half that got him sent down. He’s gotten on base a lot, but his power has return like last year. It’s possible he can be a 20-25 homer guy, but it’s possible he’ll be a non-tender candidate. I’m interested to see Lucas Duda at first. It’s more his speed defensively, and he enjoys playing there. The Mets also have Josh Satin and Zach Lutz as organizational depth at both positions.
Then there’s Wilmer Flores. I don’t think his future is at third, at least with the Mets. It’s his natural position, but Wright has him blocked. The list of names who can also play third or first means Flores would be best suited for second base.
Flores, Davis, Duda, Satin or Lutz could be packaged with a pitcher for a quality outfielder or first baseman, so even if some of those guys are gone, I’d say the corners are a net Position of Strength.
And here’s some bonus Mets Best of the Best!
Best Trade- Sandy Alderson does it again! He moved two pieces we weren’t going to hold onto, and made them into a possible stalwart at second base and a possible bullpen fireballer. Too bad they traded Marlon Byrd on his T-shirt day. John Buck had been expendable since May.
Best Confidence Builder- Jon Niese‘s complete game shut out. With Harvey hitting the shelf and our pitching depth taking a hit, it was good to see our opening day starter back to the form we expected from him. Niese was almost forgotten in the fervor over Harvey, Zach Wheeler, and even Dillon Gee having good years.


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