POS Mets 2014- Bench

So has the Mets bench been a position of strength or a piece of sh**?
It’s a little hard to say, because at so many positions, you can’t tell where the bench ends and the starters begin.
One positive note has been Anthony Recker, who the Mets traded for to be their starting catcher. He’s done admirably as a spot starter and the Mets have a winning record when he does start. He seems to have a late key hit in him in those games, though the rest of his at bats are only so-so. The Mets may want to bring in a veteran guy to mentor Travis D’Arnaud, but they may not make it a huge priority because of Recker.
Justin Turner is a super sub and contrary to what my co-writer Joe thinks, I think he’s best that way. If the Mets retain him, he can fill the role Joe McEwing held for the Mets for years.
But middle infield depth is pretty rough for the Mets. The Corners are pretty great though. Josh Satin, Lucas Duda and Ike Davis would make a solid platoon.
The outfield was terrible for most of the year and that meant the bench guys were even worse. It was Marlon Byrd and the cast of thousands. The starting spots have been pretty settled, especially with the departure of Byrd and the Addition of Matt Den Dekker. Still, outside of Andrew Brown the position still isn’t strong off the bench.
So, in my mind, there’s not enough pluses overall to keep the bench from becoming a piece of Sh**!


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