A possible batting order

I was driving around this morning (I do my best thinking while driving) and I had a thought about how I’d set up the batting order. The most interesting thing is also the first thing.

1. Ike Davis/Lucas Duda and Josh Satin.
I know, “these are home run hitters, they should bat with someone on base.”
Here’s the problem, none of these guys have shown more than 15 HR power in the last 3 years. They have shown the ability to get on base.
As for getting guys on base ahead of them in case they reach their homer potentials, well… I’ll get that later.

2. Daniel Murphy

This one is hard to argue. He doesn’t hit for power but he does hit. Doubles are great here.

3. David Wright

Put the best hitter third. Check.

4. Curtis Granderson

Granderson will be feared a bit more than Marlon Byrd. But we’ll have to see how much. Granderson and Wright and are about even on power.

5. Chris Young

This is assuming a bounce back. Hopefully.

6. Travis d’Arnaud

Also assuming he steps up to be a real life hitter.

7. Juan Lagares

Is he gonna hit? Setting out this lineup has made me a little pessimistic about our hitting prospects.

8. Ruben Tejada

If we’re looking at the .300 hitter, I’d consider hitting him 9th.

9. Pitcher/Eric Young Jr.

I don’t like the speester’s bat enough to give him the nod over the Lagares. But he is the next best bat off the bench. I’d use him in this second leadoff spot over whichever of the 1b trio isn’t starting.


Yes Stephen Drew would be a quick fix that could slot in over the short stop, but doesn’t Asdrubal Cabrera or Hanley Ramirez sound better?

Here’s to dreaming of a lineup that includes someone like them or JJ Hardy at short.




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