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Can’t beat the bad teams 

So the Mets are still clinging to playoff hopes as a wildcard team. But after not being able to close out the sweep of the Phillies and our series loss to the Diamondbacks is probably proof that we won’t be able to finish the race.

You see the conventional wisdom is that the good teams beat the bad teams and split with the good teams. We’ve been doing the latter but not the former. When a team splits with the good and bad teams they’re just a .500 team.

Unfortunately, even with the second wild card, that’s not going to be enough.

Injuries are one factor, but with how the team was built, the Mets were counting on a player or two to get hot and carry them a couple times. It’s really only happened once at the beginning of the year. The Mets have have shot if they can get one more good hot streak, but otherwise it’s back to the goal of trying to finish above .500.


Hooray for Baseball

One of my favorite things each year is purchasing MLB At Bat. It’s great getting access to every radio call of every game.

Last year, MLB made the cost recurring. I don’t mind but o can see how some people can be surprised by the sudden charge. Luckily I had the money to cover it, as sometimes I wait until actual games start to purchase the product.

With the Mets better than ever I expect to get some miles out of the app this year. 


2015 IBWAA HoF results

Hall of Fame fallout

This Hall of Fame business is finally sorting itself out.

Last year I was worried for both the BBWAA ballot and the IBWAA ballot. A massive logjam of credible candidates was piling up and it looked like it all may collapse on itself.

Last year, within a day of the IBWAA results being released, the internet group expanded their ballot to 15. It still left a few guys who could be hall of fame quality off the list, but they weren’t guys who should be in the hall, merely guys who could be in the hall. The IBWAA has been proactive in fixing the logjam, putting nine players in the last two years.

I might finally be coming around to Sammy Sosa getting a vote. Continue reading

POS Mets – Middle Infield

It’s time for another segment of POS. Today we’re going to talk about those two guys that play up the middle behind the pitcher, 2nd base and shortstop. As of right now, the whole team is starting to sound like the “Whose on first” routine by Abbot and Costello and as we all know What plays second and I-don’t-give-a-darn plays short. But let’s look at the actual players.

We have Daniel Murphy, Justin Turner, Omar Quintanilla, Wilmer Flores, and Ruben Tejada. Now I have to say this, Murphy and Turner should be the starters and 2nd and Short respectively, the other guys, ummm, I’m sorry but they just suck. This area of the in field is obviously just plain S#!T.

Murphy, I will say has had a break out year putting up the numbers he has this season. No one was expecting him to be this kind of player. I think it might have been the beard. Hell, he was a great first round pick for me in my fantasy league.

Turner is a great bat off the bench and has proven he’s a good fill-in starter, however, he should be an everyday starter. I think the Mets have underutilized Justin since. I have a funny feeling if given the chance to play a full season, he will produce numbers that will help win games and provide the defense that is needed in the SS position.

As for Omar, Wilmer and Ruben, combine all three and you barely have one all-around good player. Ruben we know was never going to be the answer to filling the void of Jose Reyes after the Mets never resigned him, but we were expecting just a little more production out him then what he gave. Omar on the other hand, has given that little boost in offence we needed in SS position. Still, just not enough produce in the bottom of the line-up where both of them have been put since the year started. Lastly, Wilmer. Yes I know we just brought him up from the minors to fill in for David Wright, but I just don’t see anything special in him that will keep him around in the big leagues long enough. Every time I watch an at-bat from him, I just don’t see any kind of drive in his eyes saying “Yes. I’m here. My time to shine.” Also, his number from just the few games he has played were quite bad.

Aside from Murphy (which I think will be at second for a little while longer) and making Turner the permanent SS, we have a huge hole behind the mound. Because if a starter goes down, we don’t have a comparable back up.