My 2017 IBWAA Ballot


With the IBWAA results and BBWAA results revealed, I’ll go ahead and reveal my votes and reasons behind them. 

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Los Angeles – In its ninth annual Hall of Fame election announced Wednesday, the IBWAA added six players to its digital Hall of Fame.

Chipper Jones was the top vote-getter, with 168 out of 170 ballots cast (98.82%). Jim Thome was the runner-up, with 154 votes (90.59%), followed by Mike Mussina (146 votes, 85.88%), Roger Clemens (133, 78.24%), Barry Bonds (130, 76.47%) and Trevor Hoffman (128, 75.29%). A 75% threshold is required for election. Continue reading

2017 IBWAA Hall of Fame Ballot

A week or so ago I released a ballot for a hypothetical tiered Baseball Hall of Fame

But that still leaves by IBWAA official vote. So now, with delay, my votes for the 2017 IBWAA Hall of Fame.

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2017 Tiered Hall of Fame Ballot

Once again it is time to cast my IBWAA Hall of Fame Ballot, but first here’s how the voting would have gone for my theoretical Tiered Hall of Fame. Here’s the last “Golden Ballot” I did in 2014 (2105 was a lost year due to a pile of issues)

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Can’t beat the bad teams 

So the Mets are still clinging to playoff hopes as a wildcard team. But after not being able to close out the sweep of the Phillies and our series loss to the Diamondbacks is probably proof that we won’t be able to finish the race.

You see the conventional wisdom is that the good teams beat the bad teams and split with the good teams. We’ve been doing the latter but not the former. When a team splits with the good and bad teams they’re just a .500 team.

Unfortunately, even with the second wild card, that’s not going to be enough.

Injuries are one factor, but with how the team was built, the Mets were counting on a player or two to get hot and carry them a couple times. It’s really only happened once at the beginning of the year. The Mets have have shot if they can get one more good hot streak, but otherwise it’s back to the goal of trying to finish above .500.